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Choices, Choices

June 13, 2011

Dear Reader,

I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to write about today.  Some things I’m afraid will lose their relevancy the longer I wait; others are just more interesting to me.  Over the next few days I’ll be examining what fundamental shift takes place in people that moves WoW from “worth it” to “not worth it” (dedicated to Beru), the idea of permadeath in games and how it’d be in WoW, and some of the ingenious quest design I’ve come across during leveling that we need to see a lot more of.  Today, though, I’ve decided for just an update on my part-core status which reveals what a bloody idiot I am.

As you may remember, dear reader, there was recently some question as to where I should move – if anywhere, both server and guild-wise.  Due to smoking bridges (not set alight by me, I might add), going backwards wasn’t really an option, though staying put was.  We were mostly located on server A.  We had a guild and level 85 toons on server B.  We had friends on servers C and D.  So many choices.

After discussing our transferring with the guild leader on server B, we decided to move there.  We’d been lukewarm about it due to our feeling of detachment from the guild, but we chalked that up to our lack of play and lack of attempts to fit in.  After our conversation with the GM, we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and move on to server B.

It was a mistake, we know now.  While the GM is a lovely, friendly, helpful lady who’s always free to answer questions, very few others in the guild are.  The FIRST comment made on our mass invite (about four of us at once) was “Why are we getting more paladins?” (both my wife and I are paladins).  Well WELCOME to you, too.  Since then, I’ve been ignored by 30+ people when I asked basic guild questions like “Where is the raid information stored?  I don’t see it on the website or the calendar, and I’m interested in signing up.”  Silence.  Where I’m from, if a guildy asks for something, you go out of your way to help them.

Here, when I ask “Anyone for a heroic?”  I usually get crickets.  Now, sure, sometimes people are busy, but I think it’s safe to say that I may have done two heroics with a guildy in the past month.  And one of those two I regret having done.

In an attempt to get past my distaste for the Z heroics (yes, I’m a liar and an idiot and tried one again – BUT NEVER AGAIN! [until I decide to go after the baby raptor… I know, I know), I got my two buddies and my wife and headed in.  I figured with ONE dps PuG we might be able to manage.  The dps PuG, though, was an idiot, and dropped group after snake boss (we’d only wiped once); I assume because he was looking for a specific piece of gear.  I went to requeue, and my wife pointed out that someone in guild was looking for a heroic, so we invited them, trying to make connections within the guild to fit in better.

The guildy’s dps was mediocre, about 9k.  Fine, though, as my buddy’s and my dps was higher.  The guildy also (being a shaman) brought a number of buffs that we weren’t going to sneeze at.  However, as we continued, it became clear that in his mind we were quite “beneath” him.  He whined about us needing to hurry up, he bragged about his dps after the cauldron pulls (due to him using the cauldrons, of course), and he insisted we do various mini-bosses for his benefit (we were doing them anyway, but his insistence was still annoying).

Then we had two trash wipes.  The first was purely a game bug; a living bomb pulled a group outside of Bethek’s temple through a wall.  He was frustrated and rather nastily started to assign blame, but once we explained what had happened he backed off, laughed about it, and complained that by now Blizzard should have ZG working perfectly.  Then we wiped – for real – on the next pull,m the five up the stairs.  We’d CC’d the caster and the hunter, and my wife ran forward to heal the tank who was slowly pulling the two melee mobs up the stairs and failed to back away; when they both simultaneously whirlwinded, she got destroyed.  We struggled to stay alive (and I did, thanks to blink, rocket boots, and invisibility – I was back by archeology boss by the time they were exiting the temple after me) and the guildy just dropped group without saying a word.

He lamely put in guild chat a moment later that he “had to go.”  Thinking back, I’m not sure why he was so upset.  He hadn’t been there for the wipe on Snake boss, we didn’t wipe on Bloodlord or Archy boss, and we hadn’t done cauldron or (obviously) Jin’do, so to the best of my recollection that was our only “true” wipe.

Perhaps he did have to go, and I’m simply misreading the situation.  I strongly doubt it, though.  I figure that he was used to being carried by a superior group (or perhaps destroying the place himself on his main, if the shaman was not his main) and he just didn’t want to move slowly and carefully.

We’d had a few “booboos” on other pulls; three people were killed on Archeo boss (him being one of them) by failing to kite well, I’d instinctively cast living bomb near a bunch of yellow mobs after he said “no aoe,” (which I apologized for and explained it had been reflexive), we’d had a near wipe on the snakes since one of the dps hadn’t let the tank get a good hold on them and they went all over, but no wipes and no deaths that he hadn’t himself caused.

I’m not sure what was going through his mind.  I do know, though, that it was another bad encounter with the guild. I do know this: I would never drop a guild group without a damn good reason.  I’d suffer and stick through until the end or until someone else called it.  I’d never abandon them.

But that’s only one person, you say; I shouldn’t judge the guild by one person.  If only that was the only problem.  The gchat, which we’d been warned “can be a little rough,” is full of extremely sexually explicit talk, discussions of drug use and crafting, former convictions that have resulted in probation and how that guildy was happy he’d “gamed the system,” and so on.  These are simply not people I want to associate with, honestly.

Now, dear reader, if you’re out there feeling insulted, I apologize.  Feel free to do to yourself as you see fit, and as long as it’s private, I couldn’t care less.  However, when you start broadcasting it to a large group of near-strangers, I find that to be a problem.  If you want to snort coke in your basement, fine, but I really don’t want to hear about it any more than you want me to talk to you about the fascinating argument over the Oxford Comma, and I damn sure don’t want to hear about how funny it is that the judge was lenient to you on your conviction.  Kindness is not the same as weakness, and cruelty is not the same as strength.  That’s something a lot of WoW players need to learn.

At any rate, I’m smack-dab back in the middle of my part-core dilemma.  Samuel Tempus, new father over at Slice and Dice, recently wrote that “in Cataclysm, I would say that being a much more casual player really limits what you can get out of the game, and that’s quickly draining my interest, a.k.a,  I can only level a toon so many more times before I go insane.”  He was basically the first blog I really read for more than strats (Kurn and BoK being my earlier strat-based blogs), and he’s put my feelings into words perfectly yet again.

Cata’s started closing the door on Part-core.  I know the developers didn’t mean to and that the community is part of it, but there it is.  Sam came out of the gate and put it down in black and white after a multi-month hiatus of blogging.  It’s no coincidence.


Stubborn (who’s slowly going insane leveling)

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  1. Sean permalink
    June 14, 2011 2:59 pm

    I know how you feel about getting ne reply but crickets in g-chat. It can be really disheartening, especially when you’re new to the guild (and some of the people really are awesome). It’s taking me some time, but I’m starting to build relationships with people other than my cousin and his girlfriend. I still feel a bit marginalized, however–and that kinda sucks. But! We’ll see. Good luck with everything.

    • June 14, 2011 3:54 pm

      You too, mate. I think on my end that my wife’s fed up with the sextalk and that we’ll be moving regardless of what happens at this point. We’re just waiting to verify with one last of us before the pay AGAIN to move (though I won’t be since I’m determined to level). Best of luck to you, though, and welcome.

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