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March 24, 2011

Dear Reader,

I scrapped what I was going to write today and instead decided to write a more personal post about how I’ve been feeling in WoW.  Surely this has been brought on by the vast number of other bloggers doing so, but I’ve been trying to define my feelings to myself, and have been having a hard time doing so.

At this point, given a choice between playing WoW and doing something else, I’ve been choosing a lot of doing something else.  I’ve been reading a lot, mostly books I’ve read before (if that gives any indication of how I feel).  I’ve known I was feeling this way since before the server transfer, which was a last-ditch effort to revive my interest in WoW.  It worked for a while, since leveling was such a struggle that it took my mind of the general state of things.

What it really comes down to is that I have always played WoW with my friends, and as their interest wanes (as does their play time), so does mine.  I played a good bit last week with my wife and my buddy, but this week I’ve hardly logged on at all; the few times I have, no one I know has been on, so I’ve just logged off.

This is not to say anything about me being “done” with WoW.  I don’t think I am by a long shot, but I’m certainly in a trough at the moment, waiting to crest the next wave.  I need to get back into raiding, though I don’t know that I really want to.  I think once I do, I’ll feel better about it, but at this point, I have no reason to farm, for Engineering really has no repeated recipes to build, I have no reason to do dungeons, because I’m basically raid ready, I have no reason to level another toon, because I’ve leveled on very recently, I have no reason to play the auction house, because I’m pretty well off financially, and I have no reason to do anything else, for that matter, if there is anything other than raiding (yes, PvP, but I’ve been there, done that, too, and have no interest in it at the moment).

That leaves me with no goals, and thus no real reason to play unless it’s just to spend time with my friends.

So I’ll go, now, and eat lunch and watch one, then probably two or three episodes of How I Met your Mother on, yes, Lifetime of all channels, which I don’t even particularly like, and then think about playing WoW, log on, see no one I know, and go take a 2 hour nap until it’s time to get up and go to work.  This has been the shape of my days for weeks now, barring my “Spring Break” week that wasn’t.

Just thinking about all that depresses me somewhat and makes me WoW-avoidant, which adds to the cycle, and without playing WoW, I’m finding it hard to blog on the topic, which makes me more avoidant, which led me to scrapping today’s bigger, more universal topic for this smaller, less meaningful one.  That said, tomorrow, I’ll post more on the overall feeling of malaise in WoW when I’ve had some more time to think about it.  Today, though, it was scrapped to tell you about my general malaise.

To all of you out there still enjoying WoW; I envy you.  I simply don’t know what to do with the time not playing WoW has granted me.  I wish I knew what to do to rebrighten WoW days, though I suspect raiding’s it.  I just need to get raiding, then.


Stubborn (who’s not particularly looking forward to watching HIMYM for an hour or two)

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  1. March 25, 2011 5:16 am

    I know the feeling. The difference for me is that I’m still raiding. But outside of the raiding I’m not doing very much at all. I never realized how much my interest in the game depends on the presense of other people. WoW as a solo game experience lasts only ever so long if you ask me.

    I guess we should be rather happy than sad about the game losening its grip on us. After all it’s time consuming and it isn’t as if I’ll be sitting idle without a clue of what to do with my time as my wow playing decreases. It’s a big world out there.

    For how nice it would be to feel the real spark again, I think it’s probably wiser to not look for it actively, but to let things happen to you. If the spark arrives, ok, grab it. If not – just let go and move on. Sooner or later everything comes to an end. Even our time in WoW.

    • March 25, 2011 11:16 am

      I see what you mean about not actively seeking out the spark, but I personally think it’s only fair to give the game that one last shake before I decide whether I’m coming or going.

  2. jamin1993 permalink
    March 27, 2011 7:59 am

    You know, some may envy YOU!

    Look at it this way. Some log on, and it feels like a chore. They have dailies/farming to do to get rep and gold. You said so yourself, you don’t really need to do these when you log in game. Your not inclined to raid each night. You have the freedom to do what you like when you log in game. Now that’s what most desire. To be able to log in the game and actually do what they want and just have fun!

    Maybe think like this. You can do all you want with your free time now, without feeling tied down with WoW ‘chores’ and you can log on whenever you want and do whatever pleases you most.

    I guess you may feel that ‘there’s not much to do in game’. And you will do, you may feel burned out! So give it some time, and when you do jump back in, you’ll feel better. Don’t force yourself to play. That’s defeats the point.

    Some time’s it does take a kick to get back into something. Just like all things in life.

    I could go on, but I’m not going to 🙂

    – Jamin

    • jamin1993 permalink
      March 27, 2011 8:00 am

      (Forgot to Subscribe to replies)

    • March 28, 2011 10:49 am

      I agree, that time is the best tonic for all this. I also agree that it’s nice to be away from the farming and dailies that do bog down so many players. That said, the lack of measurable goals makes it seem a bit amorphous, and that’s unusual to me. It will probably just take some time to get used to WoW’s new shape.

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