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Part Core Gaming Strikes Again

March 16, 2011

Dear Reader,

This week is my Spring Break (you say, “ha ha ha”).  The joke there is that, since I’m working 4 jobs, only some of them actually have off this week.  I’m still getting up at teacher’o’clock in the morning to be at school with my kids, but my afternoons have been entirely free.

I was excited because my mage had just started into heroics, and while I like to play with my wife, I like also to play more than my wife, and this week would provide me with that time.

Then my life as a part core gamer struck.  For those who’ve been here since the start (or at least read my first letter), you’ll remember that Part Core gaming is the desire to play well and seriously with progression in mind (in other words, not casually) but also a serious lack of time to dedicate to hard core raiding guilds who demand 5 or 6 nights a week attendance.  So with all this free time, I was ready to play.

The first hit came from daylight savings time.  I couldn’t get to sleep when I was supposed to, so I was not getting good night’s sleep before going to school, which left me washed out when I came home.  Nap time, then, and less time to play.

On Monday, our Internet went out for several hours (this is an unusual problem).  On Tuesday, we had the downtime and then I have an exercise class (ugh) that I go to with my wife.  Today, my wife’s car has broken down so I have to chauffeur her around.  Tomorrow I have the class again, but hopefully will have some time beforehand to play.

Taken separately, none of those things are particularly bothersome, but all together, with travel time added in, meant that I was getting to do about one dungeon a day, which is how much I usually get to do.

“Why aren’t you playing now instead of posting?” you ask, dear reader.  Well, I have a few minutes here where I can gripe before I go pick my wife up from work, but not enough time to get through a queue and a heroic.

It’s not that I mind any of these particular activities (though I do mind losing Internet), but I feel a little let down.  I want to get to play my toon more than I usually can, and I got my hopes up about this week, then, well, being Part Core happened.

Ah well, it’s a minor thing to complain about, a kind of middle-aged angst that is undoubtedly tied to self-centeredness, yet I feel it.

A cheerier post tomorrow, I’m sure, and more interesting than a QQfest.


Stubborn (who seems to whine at least once a week)

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  1. March 16, 2011 12:42 pm

    I definitely understand your pain, as I’m also on Spring Break… but not really. My car broke down. I volunteered for OHA symposium (which is taking more time than I usually spend in classes), and I still have research to do since I have some “free time.” I’d really hoped to spend some time leveling/gearing my tank for the alt run on Sunday, but that dream has been blown!

  2. March 19, 2011 6:06 am

    I can comfortable say that I fit you definitio of a ‘part-core’ gamer.

    I also feel you on the want to play, but with time being short and scarce, is it really worth logging on, just to log out again shortly.

    I have a week off next, of which I can’t wait for. Hope it pans out to be productive.

    – Jamin

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