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Spring Cleaning and First Heroic!

March 14, 2011

Dear Reader,

Even though it’s not officially spring, my wife has decided to begin her campaign against untidiness, also known as Spring Cleaning.  I’ve helped her a good bit (she might say gotten in the way), and in doing so, I began to think, “how might Spring Cleaning be useful in WoW?  From there, I devised a four step promise to myself: even if I hated doing it, I would clean up my WoW account.

Step 1: The Bank Vault

I have a terrible tendency to packrat things away for potential future use.  To begin my Spring Cleaning, I went to my bank vault and began to empty it.  I sold old crafting mats on the Auction House to a good profit.  I eliminated old raid gear sets that were horribly outdated and otherwise useless; Hey, Blizzard, how about not having to type “delete” for every single item that’s more than an expansion old?  I broke down and got rid of some of my seasonal items, as well, from my bunny ears from “not Easter” to my Skeleton Wand from “not Halloween.”  I threw out my Oshu’gun powder, my Zaxxis Insignias, and my Obsidian Necklaces (though I may regret that someday… which is why I held on to them).  Lastly, I began to eliminate old tabards, in hope that someday a closet feature will be added so that I can purchase them back (I kept the Ogri’la one since it requires shards to buy instead of silver).  There.  The bank vault is clean, and I have a ton of extra space to fill with new types of nonsense.

Step 2: Alts

I’m an altoholic, as I suspect many bloggers are.  For part of my Spring Cleaning, a lot of them got deleted.  Alts spread out across three realms had their gold consolidated to whatever “main” there existed and were then sent to the great digital beyond.  Goodbye Skullerymade, goodbye Magnificient, Magocracy, Conceited, and DavyOrckett (best orc hunter name ever, I might add).  They will be missed, but not much, since none had been played in eons.

Step 3: Friend’s list

A lot of cleaning was done here.  Basically any time I do any kind of business with anyone on a server, I add them to my friend’s list with a note about how I know them (“good heroic healer,” “jewelcutter,” “knows about pally healing”).  Thanks, too, to Real ID, I could eliminate the long lists of friends’ alts.  All told I probably deleted 100 “friends” to whom I haven’t spoken in a year across the three servers I cleaned.  To each of them, thank you for your help at some point on some thing.  Good gaming!

Step 4: Addons

I still have Pally Power for goodness’ sake.  Need I say more?  No, but I will, of course.  I had a very fancy UI for some time, similar to Lore’s on EJ.  I found the loading time to be excruciatingly long after the first few weeks, though, and reverted back to my old Xperl addon.  However, I never actually got rid of the old ones, still updating them as they became available.  I got rid of about 30 addons of various types, be they class-related (pallypower), text related, or UI related.  It doesn’t make any difference, of course, because I wasn’t loading them, but it sure makes it easier when I open the addons list.

On a totally separate note, dear reader, my little ragtag group did its first heroic last night.  We picked up a fresh guild healer who was similarly poorly geared for a heroic (less than 1ook health if that’s any measure of healer gear (it’s not, but again it sort of is)).  We rolled a 1, though, and got Heroic Blackrock Caverns, the only Heroic I truly hate.  Having tanked the forgemaster too many times (I seemed to get BRC for my daily heroic every day before I switched servers), I loathe the place and all the stupid bosses therein.

With an – inexperienced – tank (my wife, who I love dearly), a threat-monster dps (my buddy), a somewhat distracted dps (my other buddy), and myself (another threat monster, but I specced frost instead of fire to help my wife out – a 55k opening crit on first boss, it turns out, does not help), and our new friend healing, I was extremely nervous.  “Well,” I joked, “at least if it goes poorly we can just call it and not feel guilty about bailing.”  How droll.

We obliterated the first half of the place.  We downed the first boss after 1 wipe due to someone running the wrong way after the first chains and into a pack of mobs nearby.  We downed Corla after one failed attempt – something many groups can’t do.  It seems the DK wasn’t 100% clear on what he was supposed to do.  We started with, “Have you done this on your mage?”  to which he responded, “Yes.”  Well, apparently not the normal way, we found out, as he had zero experience in the beams.  He did it on his first try after that.  Freaking amazing learning, if I may say so about my friend.

Then we hit the forgemaster.  My wife had done this encounter on normal and knew the deal, and she performed very well, frequently only putting on one or two ticks of the armor debuff right at the last moment before the adds spawned.  The healer, though, was frankly beyond his means.  Our dps wasn’t good enough to down the boss fast enough before the healer ran out of cooldowns and/or mana, and his healing wasn’t enough to support our mediocre (for a heroic) dps.  We called it after the fourth attempt, but I was still happy.  I had gone in fearing the repercussions of a bad run, and instead – in the hardest heroic – we’d downed two bosses with relative ease (including Corla, Pug Breaker).

More today, I hope, and not BRC for Light’s sake!


Stubborn (who didn’t want to call it, but had to go to bed)

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  1. Svenstrom permalink
    March 14, 2011 4:44 pm

    Funny but BRC is my favourite dungeon of the expansion – my wife and I hit 80 only a few weeks before Cata so probably with an item level of 245. The first night of Cata we flew out to Blackrock Mountain with some guildies and entered BRC. We wiped and wiped and got through eventually, but it sure meant we learned about every detail of the boss fights and how to carefully pull each pack.

    After that first night it always now seems like an easy-mode dungeon even on heroic. Just don’t talk to me about Stonecore… shudder.

  2. March 15, 2011 2:14 pm

    Oh, now I feel like cleaning out my own account…
    But I already know I’ll stop after ten minutes because I just can’t get myself to throw away stuff I’m keeping for it’s sentimental value or delete alts that have been fun at some point. D:

  3. *vlad* permalink
    March 16, 2011 10:57 am

    Stonecore is the worst heroic, surely? Now that Beauty got a nerf I have to say that BRC is pretty straight-forward.

    For add-ons I usually go by their age. If they have not been updated for 6 months or more, I get rid of them (though I still use Omen!).

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