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Stubborn the Exalted

February 28, 2011

Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, he’s not.  Nor is my former main, who has many exalted reputations, but not enough for the title.  This past weekend, as I was pushing my mage up as hard as possible (almost 80 now), it occurred to me what the work that goes into getting this title means versus what it used to mean.

I suggested for our last two levels pre-Cata that we focus our work on the quests associated with the Frenzyheart/Oracles quest line, Argent Dawn / Knights of the Ebon Blade / Shadowvault questl ine, and the Sons of Hodir quest line.  My thoughts were to go ahead and open these factions up regardless of the fact that they are now obsolete just so they’d be there in the future.

My suggestion was met with half-heartedness and rejection.  They’d done those quest lines before, and there are so many other quests that weren’t done, so why bother?  None of us were going to rep grind on our alts / new mains, so why bother?  Why bother, well, I couldn’t come up with a good answer, which bothered me.

I feel like just the fact that the factions are there should be reason enough to do the quest lines, out of some unfounded respect for the fact that they were important in the past.  I admit that other than tradition (or habit), there’s not really any reason to do them, but I also feel like discarding them tosses aside a part of the game that should be valuable.  Why not do them?  Quests are quests, so why not do these?

Their argument was they wanted to see the Horde (we were allies in the past) quests in Stormpeaks centered around the crashed zeppelin.  I understand wanting to do new quests, but a lot of new quests are really just old quests in disguise.

Perhaps I’m a traditionalist, or perhaps I’m just making excuses for wanting to do things my way and gussying it up to make myself sound right (or righteous, or self-righteous, or just plain arrogant, I don’t know).  I like showing respect to the old content.  I liked doing the dungeons at the appropriate level.  I liked the challenge that used to exist while leveling (which wouldn’t with a group of 4 anyway, but still).

I know it irritated me to see so much old content go to waste, so I’m overall for the recycling of zones (a topic of recent conversation on the blogosphere).  I like it when they’re updated (like deadmines), preferably, but I’m happy just seeing the content not sit idly by (like Onyxia).


Stubborn (which is why I want to do my faction quest chains!

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