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A New Thing, by guest blogger Kaleedity

February 23, 2011

I decided, instead of writing posts in a similar style to Stubborn, I’d just do something completely different!  I threw together a 15m video sans editing of me doing a battleground and adding commentary during play.  This is coming from someone that played this a lot in the past but significantly less now.  Additionally, in my infinite video making prowess, (*Read: this is the first video I’ve uploaded to Youtube.  Ever.) the sound de-synchronizes slowly throughout the video.  I’ve since fixed the problem for future videos (I hope!), but I decided the mistake here actually fits more than half the time anyway.  Just think of the commentary as having excellent prescience and we are good.  Let me know what you think here or at my gmail account kaleedity.

Here it is.

Next time, I’ll probably be playing with the coworkers I’m leveling with as soon as we get some green cata gear for one last foray into pvp without actual resilience gear.


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