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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2013

Dear Reader,

I’m enjoying my Christmas with my wife and brother-in-law here in the frozen state of Illinois.  He’s currently playing Orcs Must Die!, since he said he liked tower defense games.  He’s been playing one on a site called Congregate, which I know nothing about, so I figured I’d let him bite into something more than a browser-based game.

We’re having a nice dinner today, then playing League of Legends until we don’t want to play it any more (one game for me, but I’m a good sport).  Since he’s leaving tomorrow and likely won’t want to play any more after the fact, I’m not one to interrupt him enjoying himself on Christmas.  I’m still invested in Ironclad Tactics and now Mirror’s Edge, an older title from EA.  Mirror’s Edge is a mostly non-violent first person game that’s a really fun concept but not a great execution thereof.  More on that when I’m further into it.

I saw the second Hobbit movie yesterday, and I’m satisfied to say that it ended precisely when I predicted it would.  Beyond that, though, it was only okay; I enjoyed it, but it annoys me that Peter Jackson is turning The Hobbit into Lord of the Rings.  Not every story has to fit into the same shape, but apparently PJ thinks they should.  I don’t mind some of the additions; it makes sense that Legolas would be hanging out with his dad 60 years before LotR, but Tauriel seems like a token female warrior character put in to replace Arwen and Eowyn.  There were some other changes and additions, too, that were clearly just to fill the time of three movies instead of two.  It was okay, overall, but not as great as I’d hoped.

I’ll be adjourning shortly to go prepare my part of the big meal we’re making today (even though there’s only 3 of us here).  I hope all of you are enjoying your break, if you’re in a place that gets one, and I’ll see you again in a few days!


Stubborn (and Merry)

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